Honda CR-Z Convertible

Honda CR-Z Convertible

First time we could see Honda CR-Z hybrid was few years ago and this car was dropped in favor of turbo powered version that comes with 1.6 liter four cylinder petrol engine. But still Honda might deliver this hybrid as a convertible.

If all this comes true we might have first convertible hybrid, from the beginning this was the plan but there were some fears that convertible might be to heavy for this type of car.

Both exterior and interior will be similar to what coupe brings and the only difference will come in little longer car that is needed so there will be enough space to pack the canvas roof which brings some weight savings.

Hybrid drivetrain in this car will deliver four cylinder engine with 16 valves that have Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electric Control aka i-VtEC that is paired with brushless electric motor. Total power of this system will be about 122 hp and 174 NM of torque which will be available from 1000 to 1500 rpm.

Honda CR-Z Convertible will have a strong competition in Mini Cooper S convertible, Mitsubishi Eclipse and Mazda MX-5 that also might bring hybrid drivetrain. There are still no information’s about the availability of this car but it will not come before next year and the price might be about 2000 Euros or 3000 $ higher than coupe version.

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