Honda CR-Z Tuning

Honda CR-Z Tuning

When Honda CR-Z was launched there were many people that liked the looks that this sporty hybrid delivered. This hatchback from Honda really is a great car and a big hit for everyone that loves Honda.

One of the things where you can get wrong is when you decide to tune up your car. Fortunately there are many tuning companies that will give you advices on how and what to do with the car so it brings great looks and much better performances than original.

Here we have one of Honda CR-Z Tuning examples where everything is done properly and assembled nicely. End results are significantly improved performances and looks. It all started with a brand new CR-Z that first received 16 inch Mugen MF10 wheels and coilovers that significantly reduced the height of the car.

Not long after there owner added JDP Engineering rear wing and diffuser, also for better support Recaro sport seats were added and Cusco bars were also implemented. All the modifications were purely on cosmetic base and it was enough to the owner for some time. After a while there was a need for better performances that will back up the looks of this car.

There were two options, either to add mild boost turbo or to K swap it. After some time of thinking the owner decided for K swap mainly because it will deliver more power at the beginning than turbo version and there would be also enough of room for further improvements and increasing of power. This swap delivered significantly more power and finally the looks of the car had a performances that can back it up. Honda CR-Z Tuning required significant number of custom parts to be added and this is expensive and long process but the results are fantastic.

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