Honda CR-Z Type R

Honda CR-Z Type R

We could hear rumors and announcements of Honda CR-Z Type R since the original CR-Z was presented. We waited long enough and finally we have received few pictures that might represent the looks of this car.

Obviously this car was inspired by CR-Z Hybrid R Concept and the pictures looks really fantastic. If something similar comes to the production version this might be a great hit for a Honda.

Most powerful Honda CR-Z was iCf Mugen and it comes with 1.5 liter engine that is significantly tuned and its power is boosted from 124 hp to 173 hp which is a great improvement when compared to the original.

Rumors about Honda CR-Z Type R brings us news about totally new power train that is allot different than what we have on the market now. Reports say that it might come with hybrid drivetrain which will combine 2.0 liter four cylinder petrol engine that delivers 150 hp and an electric motor of 50 hp.

Total power of the system will be 200 hp which will be enough for acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in less than 6 seconds while reaching a max speed of 225 km/h. This sounds great but we will have to wait little longer to receive more information’s about Honda CR-Z Type R which we will share here immediately.

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