Honda N Box+ 2013

Honda N Box+ 2013

When Honda delivered N Box, odd looking city car we weren’t sure how well the sales will go but we knew that it received positive responses from the crowd and as a result we had almost 100 000 units sold.

To continue and even to expand this success this carmaker decided to deliver N Box+ that represents evolution and further tests possibilities that are brought by microvan. There are some improvements and this certainly might be another hit for this carmaker.

Since we have addition of plus to the name we need to explain why is that and what is it mean. This plus delivers Universal Bridge and Multi space System, that explains allot. First one is aluminum loading ramp that is integrated into cargo floor and can be extended to significantly ease loading. Second addition, Multi space System allows you to split cargo space in different ways. Greatest advantage is that you can lower two rows of seats and adjust height of the floor creating flat surface that is ideal for bed.

The N Box+ comes in all kinds of configurations and paint schemes, from ¥1,350,000 ($16,948 U.S.) for the front-wheel, naturally aspirated drive G trim, to ¥1,870,000 for the four-wheel-drive, two-tone G Package Turbo with paddle shifters.

There is a large number of options that can be added to this car and it is highly configurable when buying one. All versions have 660 cc engines that are in compliance with city car or kei car regulations in Japan.
Honda N Box+ 2013 Red

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